The LA Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) updated its Rules and Regulations effective September 26th. Here are key updates, deadlines, and requirements:

Regulation No. 3 now includes the creation of a Legal Business Entity Record. This record must be created in order to renew your license. For those submitting new applications via the DCR portal, the Legal Business Entity Record must be created prior to the pre-application submission. 

Regulation No. 5 has been updated to include new requirements surrounding delivery licenses. Licensees will now be required to register all company motor vehicles with the DCR. Beginning next week, DCR will be sending emails to licensees that require updated documentation to remain in compliance with this regulation.

This includes Form ENF-3004-FORM, Cannabis Delivery Vehicle Fleet Information Form. Once you receive notification from DCR, licensees will have 30 days from the date of the email to comply with this requirement. After form ENF-3004-FORM is submitted, DCR will review the information and provide a DCR placard that must be displayed in the vehicle(s). This requirement is currently for Delivery activity types only, but may be required for other activity types in the future.
Additionally, all licensees who currently have Temporary Approval will be required to submit ENF-3003-FORM, Licensee Attestation Operational Rules and Regulations. DCR will be sending email notifications to licensees regarding the requirement to submit ENF-3003-FORM. Once a licensee receives this email, the licensee will have 30 days to submit the attestation.
Regulation No. 7 has been updated to include a Notice to Correct process. At DCR’s discretion, licensees may be given a Notice to Correct in lieu of a Notice of Violation. The Notice to Correct allows the licensee 30 days to comply before issuing a Notice of Violation.

Reminder: 2023 DCR Renewals must be submitted and paid no later than November 2, 2022!


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