DCC’s New Emergency Regulations

On July 12, 2021, Governor Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 141, which consolidated the former three cannabis licensing authorities into a single Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). In response, the DCC proposed new Emergency Regulations in early September 2021 to consolidate, clarify, and make consistent the cannabis regulations with AB 141 and MAUCRSA. The approved final […]

Critical Licensing Deadline

Continuing our deep dive into new licensing rules in California, today’s bulletin is a decision tree to demystify provisional license application deadlines. Do any of these apply to you? opening a new cannabis business, relocating, adding new activities, or expanding your existing footprint. If yes, continue reading below. Start at the top (green box) and follow […]

Trailer Bill Update & Equity

In our last bulletin, we laid out the California budget and how it modifies the cannabis regulatory landscape for all licensees. Today we are continuing our deep dive into the trailer bills, focused specifically on the concerns of equity applicants and licensees.  In September of 2018, the California Cannabis Equity Act of 2018 became law. The sponsor, […]

California Licensing Update

Today we’re talking about the California budget, one of the state’s most important (and overwhelming) annual decision-making processes. The budget determines how money is distributed in the state – for education, infrastructure, health care, and … cannabis programs! This year’s budget is full of changes to California’s cannabis framework. Even if you didn’t read the state […]

Cannabis Bills & Psychedelics in California

Earlier this year, we sent you a rundown of pending California legislation. Each year, bills are introduced in our two-chamber state legislature (the Assembly and the Senate). A bill must advance through a series of steps in order to pass this year. Here are a few of the key deadlines:  June 4: The deadline for bills […]

A New Kind of Spring Cleaning

We are in Year 4 of Proposition 64 implementation. The licensing authorities are moving away from taps on the shoulder (i.e., education and warnings) to slaps on the wrist (i.e., fines and citations). They expect operators to be strictly and fully compliant with all laws and regulations. Whether you’ve transitioned to an annual license or […]

6 Things to Know About Psychedelics Decriminalization

SB 519: What’s In and Not In You’ve surely noticed that the wave of psychedelic law reform continues to pick up speed. Denver, the District of Columbia, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Ann Arbor, and Cambridge have reformed psychedelics policies, and last fall we told you about Oregon’s drug policy ballot initiatives, both of which passed. Every […]

Pending Legislation in 2021

Prepare for License Renewals Every year, the California State Legislature introduces a slate of bills on diverse topics — from building codes and broadband infrastructure to cannabis licensing and taxes. Some become law. Others don’t survive committee. Today’s bulletin highlights a handful of the many bills the California Senate and Assembly will consider during the […]

Cannabis License Renewal Steps & California CEQA

Prepare for License Renewals Every year, like clockwork, licensees must renew and pay annual license fees. Here are the steps you can take now to feel calm and in control of your renewal. Step 1: Look up your license expiration date (and add it to your calendar as a repeating yearly event). Subtract 60 days […]

Good News for Cannabis in 2021

Before we talk about 2021, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how completely bananas 2020 has been. 2020 was an unforgettably disruptive year. A global pandemic has taken 1.6 million lives, scrambled the economy, and flipped lifestyles upside down. A surge in social justice protests. Thousands of lightning bolts and a changing climate triggered devastating […]

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