Interstate Commerce

The chatter around interstate cannabis commerce has lately become louder, with the Governor’s approval of California’s Interstate Agreements legislation (SB-1326), the introduction of the SHIP Act in Congress, and President Biden’s recent statement. SB-1326 Cannabis Interstate Agreements  Status: APPROVED Until recently, state law was unwavering in its prohibition on transporting or distributing cannabis across state […]

2023 California Legislation

Support Local Equity Applicants: Urge Your Reps to Support SB-51 February 17th was the last day for bills to be introduced in Sacramento. This year, there are almost 4 dozen bills that directly reference cannabis. It’s always interesting to see the assortment, as it offers insight into which reforms California legislators are most immediately concerned […]

Federal Reforms in DC

The federal government is making moves to reclassify “drugs,” as popular opinion and the therapeutic benefits of certain plants become more difficult to ignore. We hear the words “schedules,” “descheduling,” and “rescheduling” a lot these days. So we thought we’d kick off Clark Howell’s 2023 bulletin series and the new year by breaking down what […]

New Rules for LA

The LA Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) updated its Rules and Regulations effective September 26th. Here are key updates, deadlines, and requirements: Regulation No. 3 now includes the creation of a Legal Business Entity Record. This record must be created in order to renew your license. For those submitting new applications via the DCR portal, the Legal Business Entity Record must be created […]

Psychedelics: What’s On the Horizon? California, New York & Oh the Lessons!

2023 is set to be an eventful year in psychedelics law reform. Oregon finalized its administrative rules after a 2-year process and is now accepting license applications. Colorado is digging into the implementation of the voter-passed Natural Medicine Health Act and just announced the advisory board appointments. Nearly half of US states are engaged in […]

5 Cannabiz Bills to Watch

In April, we sent you a 2022 legislative update, highlighting 5 bills that help licensees connect with consumers and diversify their offerings. May 27 was the deadline for bills to pass in the house of origin and head to the other legislative chamber. Today’s bulletin is an update on where those 5 stand: which have advanced and […]

5 Cannabiz Bills

Year 2 of the legislative session is in full swing in Sacramento, with an assortment of cannabis bills on taxes, water pollution crimes, employment, enforcement, events, and access. As we’ve come to expect each year, many bills are introduced in January and February. Some of them survive committee hearings and full floor votes in order […]

A Provisional Licensing Update

PART B: THE LATEST IN LA Last Fall, you Chose Your Own Adventure in our Provisional Licensing Decision Tree (scroll down to view the updated version). The State of California had just passed the 2021 ‘Trailer Bills,’ the legislation that accompanies the Governor’s yearly Budget Act. The budget bill authorizes spending, and the trailer bills […]

A Call To Action

This month’s Green Frontier Bulletin is a much-needed call-to-action to join California’s cannabis businesses, consumers, and associations to lower taxes and expand retail. Add your signature to the petition HERE. WHY?[Excerpt from the Petition] The current regulatory environment threatens the viability of California’s legacy cannabis operators. California’s world-renowned craft cannabis farmers are literally killing themselves, trying […]

Spotlight on Katie Podein News from LA’s Cannabis Front Lines

More Big Rule Changes Being Cooked-Up In LA Tensions are running high in Los Angeles City Hall about cannabis licensing since the introduction of City Council’s Motion on October 29th that would require the Department of Cannabis Regulation to accelerate their program. When introducing the Motion, City Council remarked how Social Equity Applicants have lost […]

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